Roof Cleaning

Roof cleanings & proper maintenance:
1) Add to the lifespan of your roof
2) Add to the value of your home
3) Can save thousands on premature replacement costs
4) Make your roof look brand new!

If not properly maintained and cleaned, roofs are susceptible infestations of mold, moss, algae, mildew, lichen, and fungus.  This does not include normal wear & tear and dirt accumulation that occur over time. A professional roof cleaner will pay particular attention to any signs of biological infestations or rot. Rot presents itself a greyish white color or a black/brown color (depending on whether it is white rot or brown fungus). This can cause roofs to feel moist, soft, spongy, string, and become fragile/cracked to the tough. These are dangerous because they are literally breaking down your roof from the inside. Eventually the roof degrades to the point where it crumbles and collapses! 

But fear not! J & C Roof and Exteriro cleaning is here to prevent that. We are trained professionals certified in the Sullivan Soft Wash process. We use a low pressure system and do *NOT* walk on your roof. This keeps your roof safe. Our solution is proven safe for the environment, your roof, landscaping, and even pets/local wildlife.

Our mission: We treat your home like it is our own. We do not not engage in activities that can damage your roof, like walking on it or using a high pressure system, like our competitors. We take pride in our home owner clients being beyond satisfied with our process. Our finished product, your clean roof, is the proof of our commitment.