Roof Cleaning Services

Why do I need my roof cleaned?

Regular roof cleanings are a regular part of home maintenance. Roofs commonly accumulate mold & mildew. These do not only generate unsightly spots and stains, but also actually eat away at the roof’s very structure. This is dangerous to the roof’s lifespan and can lead to very significant replacement costs that could have been avoided.

What are the benefits of a roof cleaning?

Regular roof cleanings have proven to:
1) Expand the lifespan of a roof.
2) Save tens of thousands in premature replacement costs.
3) Improve your home’s resale value.
4) Make your property look like new!

What types of roofs do we clean?

Shingles and Shake BB is proud to offer cleaning services for roofs made of cedar shakes wood, asphalt, tile, and metal roofs. These roofs can all accumulate mold, mildew, fungus, or good old fashioned dirt. You need a proven professional who understands the nuances associated with each type of roof and how to best clean each based on its material.  We offer expertise in cleaning for both effectiveness, but also to keep your roof and surrounding home/environment safe in the process.

Why should I contact Shingles and Shake BB?

At Shingles & Shake BB, we aim to exceed your expectations. We’ll make your property look brand new with minimal intrusion into your daily schedule. We encourage you to view samples of our work on this site to see the benefits of our service and how we can help you. Contact us to day to learn more about our services and the value that we provide to you & your home/establishment.

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