Pressure Washing

Shingles and Shake BB is proud to offer pressure washing services to the Island of Barbados. Driveways & walkways are frequently the first experience a guest has with your property. They are also among the most susceptible areas to dirt & grime. This buildup can lead to a negative impression of your property as a whole. Luckily, we offer pressure washing services to tackle this problem and ensure that your property looks its absolute best. We will also tell you when the job does not require pressure or power washing and offer you options on the best course forward.

Top Questions

When would I want a pressure washing service?

Stronger structures such as pavement, walkways, driveways, parking lots, concrete structures, et al can gather spots, stains, & biological materials just like roofs and building exteriors. Professional pressure washing services offer the most efficient and effective way to remove unsightly stains and eliminate any mold or fungus that may be growing.

When would I not want to use a professional pressure washer.

Most types of roofs and some types of building exteriors can be damaged by a pressure washer. In these cases, a softwash process should always be used to ensure that the domicile is cleaned while remaining undamaged. When a hiring a cleaning business, ensure that they know the difference for when to use a pressure and when not to!

Why should I hire Shingles and Shake for my pressure washing needs?

At Shingles & Shake BB, we aim to exceed your expectations. We’ll make your property look brand new with minimal intrusion into your daily schedule. We encourage you to view samples of our work on this site to see the benefits of our service and how we can help you. Contact us to day to learn more about our services and the value that we provide to you & your home/establishment.