Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning

Is your cedar roof looking worn or showing spots, stains, or discoloration? Cedar roofs are common for their beauty, reliability, and longevity. But they also can also fall prey to mold, mildew, algae, lichen, and dirt stains over time. These elements not only make a roof look old and ugly, but also eat away and its very structure.

Avoid massive cedar roof replacement costs with roof cleanings! Many homeowners do not realize that a roof cleaning can restore their roof’s lifespan and beauty. Do not fall into the trap of a premature cedar roof replacement when it can be restored, instead. Shingles & Shakes BB offers expertise with cleaning cedar shakes roofs. We clean dirt and other biologic elements that may be trying to make a home on your roof.

We take special care to clean your roof without damaging it. A qualified professional will not walk on your roof, this can lead to lasting problems. We use a proven safe softwash solution that not only cleans your roof, but is also environmentally safe for your property, landscaping, pets, & children. Our citrus based cleaning solution cleans and restores. Regular roof cleanings (about once every 10 years) can push your roof a cedar roof’s lifetime out decades, up to 50 years or more!

Contact us today for a free quote for service. We will explain our process to you and give you a time frame for service that won’t intrude on your schedule. Please view examples of our service and process in the Before & After Photos section.

We are a proud provider of the Sullivan Softwash Roof Cleaning Process


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