House Washing

We clean building and house exteriors with the same level of care if they were our own property. Our process is environmentally safe and protects the building’s exterior while also being safe for the local environment, landscaping, and pets/children. Shingles and Shake has the ability to use pressure washing or softwashing depending on the job’s requirements. We educate homeowners on our process and expected results so that you know you are making an informed decision with your choice in cleaner.

Top Questions:

Why do I need my building cleaned?

Exteriors of businesses and domiciles are susceptible to a number of elements. Biological elements such as mold, algae, lichen, or various fungi can take hold in addition to standard dirt and weathering elements. Not only can this cause unsightly spots and stains, but it can also damage your exterior and lead to high maintenance costs. Regular cleanings can prevent these large costs while making your building look its most beautiful.

How do I know if it’s time for a cleaning?

Our goal is to educate owners to help them through the process. If a cleaning won’t help you, we will let you know. We will make sure you know what we are going to do to your building’s exterior, why this is the best process, how long it is going to take, and provide you with a free quote on what the cost will be up front.

Why should I contact your business?

At Shingles & Shake BB, we aim to exceed your expectations. We’ll make your property look brand new with minimal intrusion into your daily schedule. We encourage you to view samples of our work on this site to see the benefits of our service and how we can help you. Contact us to day to learn more about our services and the value that we provide to you & your home/establishment.

We are a proud provider of the Sullivan Cleaning Methods