About Us

Shingles and Shakes BB

We are Barbados’ first exterior cleaning organization that specializes in the professional cleaning of natural and composite roofs throughout this beautiful island we all call home. It was birthed out of the desire to see the historic, attractive and timeless look of the natural cedar roofs which adorn some of the homes, plantation great houses, hotels and business throughout the island maintained and preserved for years to come.

Cedar roof cleaning and treating is our primary focus, but we do offer cleaning of various types of roofs and other commercial and residential exterior cleaning services like driveway and walkway cleaning, building washing to remove those stubborn black stains, paver cleaning and gutter cleaning and brightening. Our Eco-friendly Roof Cleaning and Treatment process will add an extra 10 years of life to your roof, at a fraction of the cost of a premature roof replacement. We almost “Never” walk on your roof to clean it. We use a “non-pressure” process for all of our roof cleaning and a combination of non-pressure and power washing to clean all other hardscapes.

We don’t just sell a service, we sell results!

What we bring is:

  • Professionalism
  • Industry best practices
  • Propriety process and chemical solutions

The Sullivan Process

Shingles and Shakes BB are trained and certified in the Sullivan Cleaning Process. We are Affiliates of the Certified Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaner’s Network of the United States of America.
Bruce Sullivan is one of the nation’s leading experts on Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning. He has developed an innovative Eco-friendly process that cleans and preserves your cedar shakes without toxic chemicals, pressure washing or stepping onto your roof. View the video or read the highlights of our process.

Our Proprietary Cleaning/Conditioning Solution: Formulated with a Citrus based cleaner

Contains a Fungicide, Mildewcide & Algaecide that kills all wood-destroying infestations such as moss, mold, mildew, algae, lichen & fungi.
Utilizes a Steam Processed Oil (3%) to re-hydrate the shakes. The natural oils in cedar tend to leach out over time causing the shakes to become brittle. Replenishing the oil makes the shakes resistant to moisture, insects and decay.

Pressure Washing vs. Non-Pressure

Pressure washing is abrasive and can damage your cedar shake roof by removing excessive amounts of wood fibers. This unnatural fiber loss drastically decreases the life expectancy of the roof. A cedar shake roof should only be cleaned with ‘garden-hose’ pressure.
With our process; we spray your roof with our safe, eco-friendly solution using a low-pressure booster pump. The solution dwells on your roof for about 20 minutes, killing all infestations and then it is rinsed off using only garden-hose pressure. Every cedar shake is individually rinsed and cleaned.

All Work is done from the Safety of a Ladder!

As shakes age, they may become brittle. Walking on the roof can cause extensive cracking of aged shakes and may lead to leaks. All of our cleaning is done from ladders equipped with safety stabilizers. If we must get on your roof to access hard-to-reach shakes, we will use a ‘chicken’ ladder and walk on this.